About us

About us:

KAZAR Co. was founded in 2016 in Kerman Province, Iran. It manufactures chromite materials such as chromite foundry sand, Ladle and Tundish filling sand, refractory grade chromite, chromite-based monolithic refractories, and chromite concentrate with a capacity of more than 18,000 tons per year. In 2018, by localizing the technical knowledge of manufacturing purified chromite sand of the Super-Quality series (SiO2 ≤1%), KAZAR joined the top companies manufacturing this material around the world. Compared to South African chromite, Iranian chromite has less FeO and more MgO, which leads to a higher melting point and subsequently lower defects of the casted products, the higher free opening ratio of the ladle filler sands, and the higher corrosion resistance of the refractories against the molten metals.